Teni Lopez-Cardenas

Episode 4-4: Teni Lopez-Cardenas

Teni Lopez-Cardenas is a freaking force of nature–a black belt in Krav Maga, an amazing dancer and dance teacher, an operational therapist in a NICU. She’s just walking around changing people’s lives like it’s easy. Listen to us zoom from idea to idea and back around again. Note: I recorded this via Zoom because she’s in Los Angeles and I’m in Austin. So the sound is a little wonky and there weird tappy taps all the way through. It’s not really distracting once you start listening to her stories, though.

Episode 4-3: Lauren Sears

Lauren Sears is freaking amazing. From high-level competitive triathlete through Crossfit, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and MMA, all the way to jiu jitsu, she is one of the most dedicated and disciplined athletes I’ve ever known. Here she tells me about all of that, plus the highs and lows of just being a person. Listen up.

Episode 4-2: Leigh Fisher

Leigh is an E-RYT500 certified yoga instructor and Krav Maga practitioner. We spend pretty much the whole interview talking about the intersection between Krav Maga and yoga and the different kinds of peace we get from each. We also talk about various teaching methods of each. If you want to hear a couple of mouthy broads with strong opinions about the practices that have changed and continue to change their lives, press Play. Find all the awesome things Leigh does. And if you’re in Austin, Texas, come see both of us on October 27, 2019, where you can engage in everything we talk about here: Strike, Flow, Meditate: Finding Your Calm in a Chaotic World. Take some Krav Maga with Amy at Krav Maga ATX.

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