Episode 4-2: Leigh Fisher

Leigh is an E-RYT500 certified yoga instructor and Krav Maga practitioner. We spend pretty much the whole interview talking about the intersection between Krav Maga and yoga and the different kinds of peace we get from each. We also talk about various teaching methods of each. If you want to hear a couple of mouthy broads with strong opinions about the practices that have changed and continue to change their lives, press Play. Find all the awesome things Leigh does. And if you’re in Austin, Texas, come see both of us on October 27, 2019, where you can engage in everything we talk about here: Strike, Flow, Meditate: Finding Your Calm in a Chaotic World. Take some Krav Maga with Amy at Krav Maga ATX.

Episode 4-1: Nina Cutro-Kelly

Nina Cutro-Kelly is a fifth-degree judo black belt and has won multiple international judo and sambo tournaments and she’s hoping and training to be on the 2020 Olympic U.S. judo team. In this episode, Nina talks about the role of judo in her life, from when it helped her focus her wild energy at age 7 to when it was a solid base of support when she had a year full of personal hardships and tragedies. She’s a thoughtful storyteller, and you’ll want to hear what she’s got to tell you. Visit her in San Antonio at Universal Judo.

Mike Segura: My greatest fight was a loss

My greatest moment in my greatest fight was a loss. . . . I lost to decision. I was bloody. I was bruised. . . . But I’d survived a moment that would have defeated me before. I realized that I’m not made of glass. That realization prepped me for a four-fight win streak

Season 3, Episode 3-8: Mike Segura

Mike Segura is so nice that, after I interviewed him, I messaged the friend who connected us and said, “Holy crap, that guy is nice!” He’s also a talented martial artist, a great martial artist, and a reflective storyteller. This is a good one.

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