Season 3, Episode 3-7: Derrick Garza

Derrick Garza talks about community, from when he first found BJJ to when he opened Dark Clan Fight Lab. He’s a killer on the mats, and he’s also a leader, building other people up. As he says in the interview: I go out of my way to make sure that people feel welcome and included, even down to our slogan: We are the Dark Clan.

Season 3, Episode 3-6: Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez found MMA when she was in her 30s, and a few years later, she was starting a pro career. I’ve had the good luck to know her for most of that time. Maria talks about hard stuff in this interview–including successes and not-such-successes. She’s reflective about her fighting career and grateful for who she is as a result of it.

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