Episode 3: Kaci Lambe

Kaci Lambe, Krav Maga practitioner and aspiring digital nomad, tells us about the dark joy of destruction, the elation of sparring, the highs and lows of being an artist, and the pain and hope of leaving one life for another. Look, I’m still working out the recording thing, so the sound quality is not always good. But this is a fantastic episode. Kaci goes deep. Listen now. Things we talked about: Winged Victory of Samothrace Migrant Mother, by Dorothea Lange Austin artist Thomas Britton, whose painting of Kaci is featured in another post Krav Maga in Austin, Texas: Come see us at Fit and Fearless! Kaci online: Instagram – @inmyviewfinder – Best place for all my photos + fight stuff + travels + daily life Twitter – @inmyviewfinder Kravazon Instagram – @kravazon Kravazon Twitter – @kravazon Krav journey website – http://kravazon.com Professional website – http://kacihampton.com

Monday Walkout Song: Brittany Anne Robertson / Kanye

Fighters use walkout songs to buoy them as they enter the arena and march toward the ring or cage to do battle. They are an announcement—to themselves, to their audience, and especially to their opponent—of who they are, in that moment and for that fight. Fighters aren’t the only ones who can use a song to precede them into battle, though. As Monday dawns and a lot of us wake up early and prepare for another long week of hustle and grind, we need a song, too. Today, Brittany Anne Robertson, FPF Episode 1 guest, gives us her Monday walkout song, “Amazing,” by Kanye West. Listen. Now go forth and kick ass.

Lin Hughs: Friends and egos

“I’ve lost a lot of friends doing this. Or people I thought were my friends. People who don’t do jiu jitsu. They don’t understand that I can’t go out and party every night. . . . And the quality of friends that I have has picked up. They’re a lot more dependable, because jiu jitsu makes you humble and disciplined, and it’s a big ego killer.” FPF Episode 2

Lin Hughs: Heroes

“All your heroes in jiu jitsu and all the people who you find fascinating . . . the beautiful part about this whole thing is you can actually meet them. You can actually take seminars from them. . . . I have been able to roll with them, and I’ve gotten to learn from them. . . . The better I get, the more I’ll probably meet them at a tournament. . . . Keep training until your heroes become your opponents.” FPF Episode 2 FPF Save

Lin Hughs: Laugh

“I laugh hard all the time. I find so many things amusing and I feel so bad for everybody who doesn’t, because they must have a really bad life. . . . I even laugh by myself, because if you can’t laugh at the little stuff, then how do you expect to laugh at the bigger stuff? . . . It’s like practice laughs.” FPF Episode 2

Lin Hughs: Garajitsu

“She loves people succeeding and enjoying it and I do, too. When I see my students sparring, and they do something that I taught them, I’m like, holy crap, that’s awesome. Or when they come up to me after a tournament and they’re like, “I did that thing you showed me in Garajitsu, and I won the tournament!” . . . That’s all I care about.” FPF Episode 2 Video by Gareth Harte.

Lin Hughes

Lin Hughs: Reassurance out of the blue

“I never try to look for a big moment, because those are so few and far between. But it’s all the little moments. The other day I told three different people, ‘You have improved so much since you began,’ and they’re like, ‘That means a lot coming from you.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not saying it coming from me, I’m saying I want you to know.’ Because sometimes we need to hear that, we need that reassurance sometimes from out of the blue.” FPF Episode 2

Episode 2: Lin Hughs

Lin Hughs, brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, relates how he got a stripe on his white belt after a year, what makes him laugh (everything), what he’s lost, what he’s gained, and how he’d like to fight John Wayne. Listen now. Things we talked about during the episode: Garajitsu—Lin’s garage, which he made into a place where his friends can come get extra training Flow Kimonos—Check them out at that link, and then (if you’re in or near Austin) contact Lin through his Garajitsu page for lower prices. ATX BJJ Facebook page—where Lin and others post about regional events and have lively discussions Ultimate MMA Fitness—where Lin teaches Cooper MMA—where Lin trains and teaches Crazy long fight scene in The Quiet Man with John Wayne. Gonna start spitting in my hand before I punch people. Lin teaching at Ultimate HBO boxing ad Lin talks about

Brittany Anne Robertson: Knees to the liver + family

“I just kept punching her in the face and eventually we clinched up and moved towards the middle of the ring and I started with knees, and I kneed her in the liver. . . . She went down immediately. . . .  The video that I have of that fight is the video my brother recorded, who came there with my mom. And that was important because my parents do not approve of the fighting and had never attended anything until then, but my mom came to my first MMA fight with my brother and my brother turns the camera to my mom, and she’s like . . . literally cry-laughing. I love that. It’s so lovely.” [Art by Christine Vanderkaap]

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