Brittany Anne Robertson: Toughness

“That’s when I first learned that I could be tough. Fight training—I always say that there’s always a point, maybe several points, where you cry and break down and stuff. I feel that that’s important, so that you’re kind of humbled by that experience, and then as you come back from that . . . for some reason, I always feel more put together after that moment.” [Photo by Tessa Simpson]

Brittany Anne Robertson: Focus

There’s an element of cockiness and arrogance you need in order to focus. You need to believe that you’re the best in order to prevail, especially when you’re fighting against another person, you have to believe you’re the best, because it’s just you, there’s nobody else. If you don’t believe you’re the best, then what are you doing? [Photo by Mike the Truth.] Save

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