Monday Walkout Song: Aaron Alexander / O-Solo

Fighters use walkout songs to buoy them as they enter the arena and march toward the ring or cage to do battle. They are an announcement—to themselves, to their audience, and especially to their opponent—of who they are, in that moment and for that fight. Fighters aren’t the only ones who can use a song to precede them into battle, though. As Monday dawns and a lot of us wake up early and prepare for another long week of hustle and grind, we need a song, too. Today, Aaron Alexander, FPF Episode 4 guest, gives us “Monsta” by O-Solo. His favorite line: “I’m built like Frankenstein, but I’m Michael Myers tough.”

Aaron Alexander

Episode 4: Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander—actor, fight choreographer, superhero—tells us about how his mom put him into gymnastics to direct his propensity for running up walls, how he found himself by watching martial arts movies, and his plans for being a 90-year-old badass. Listen now. Find Aaron online: Facebook: Aaron and Faux Fighting Twitter: Aaron and Faux Fighting Instagram: Faux Fighting IMDB Save

Kaci Lambe: Fighting is beautiful

“To be able to defend yourself or to fight in such a way that is beautiful—that is something that I aspire to. Because right now I’m in the early stages of learning how to fight. I feel that often I look like a fawn learning how to walk for the first time when I throw sidekicks. I know that it doesn’t look pretty. I aspire for my sidekicks to look beautiful at some point, too, so it’s not just about delivering maximum pain or being able to just beat the shit out of somebody. I want to look beautiful doing it. Which is such a weird thing to say.” Listen to FPF Episode 3 now.

painting of Kaci

Kaci Lambe: Siren

When I read the about the sirens [in The Odyssey], it was like, holy shit, I do this, whether I want to or not. I sink people at the rocky cliffs at my feet. . . . There’s a part of me that identifies with wanting to sink people. There’s a power in that. And there’s like a dangerous, not very nice, dark allure in having that kind of power. On the other hand, I also love people. I love my friends. I really don’t want them to feel pain at my hand. So I’m in conflict with that. That’s actually something I’m trying to work through, rectifying that conflict with myself. Listen to FPF Episode 3 now. Painting by Thomas Britton. Save Save

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